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Our Cocozania coconut oil is in its most ideal state virgin & unrefined.

We produce the oil completely locally in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania using the innovative cold-pressed method, without the use of heat or pressure. As a result our coconut oil is never exposed to any harsh chemicals. It is 100% organic! This ensures that it retains its natural, powerful antioxidants and anti-fungal effects to unleash your natural beauty.

Try it. Feel it. Love it. 

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Customer reviews

Love it! Ever since using the cocozania coconut oil my skin stopped peeling off and I love the feeling of how smooth the skin is. Besides I like the fact, that it is an all natural product! 

I LOVE this coconut oil. I love the smell and the way it soothes my skin and heals scars. Plus, my body smells like heaven and I got addicted to it 💖!!!

This oil is incredible. I used it for my hair and my face.

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