How does it work & when?  

1. You submit your application below.

2. We shortlist it and contact you within 2 weeks.

3. If you are successful you will be working at our office in Daressalaam or remotely depending on the job and the days.

4. Together, we can do some pretty amazing work.

The internships are open to everyone, preferably students and recent graduates (any grant accepted) with a strong interest in beauty, sustainability & entrepreneurship.

Internship positions:

Marketing & PR Pro

If you love to be creative and want to learn more about how to create a strong brand. You enjoy creating beautiful content and sharing it with your community. Then you are the chosen one.

*You do not need a degree or institutionalised University paper to show us what you are capable of – we do not value these. What we value is your passion. Your “why”. We simply base your application on three things: 1. Your previous work/experience/projects. 2. Your why. 3. Your ability to keep focused on a task.  

Things we like: 

  • If you live your values that show that you care about the environment. E.g trying your best to lead a sustainable lifestyle …
  • If you meditate. 
  • If you take care of your mental health well.